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At HomeInfoMax, we recognize that comprehensive property data solutions and direct access to public documents are not just important; often, they are crucial.

Nationwide Coverage

With databases covering over 99.8% of residential and commercial properties in the United States, we provide the most current property information available locally and nationwide.

Innovative Search Interfaces

Our platform streamlines public records access by offering diverse search methods and immediate retrieval of recorded document copies. Leveraging innovative search interfaces such as Document Finder and Asset Finder, users gain unique opportunities for efficiency and enhanced data discovery.

Experience and Reliability

With over 20 years of dedicated service to various industries, we have established a reputation for reliability and expertise. Whether you are a law firm, insurance agency, mortgage company, estate planner, finance professional, alarm company, builder, investigator, or government agency, our tailored solutions are designed to meet your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance.

Flexible Subscription

We offer Subscription Plans suitable for short-term projects and ongoing data usage, ensuring you have access whenever needed. If you are looking for a reliable and budget-friendly real property data provider, you have come to the right place.

Choose HomeInfoMax for:

  • Document Images — Gain instant access to public document copies
  • Comprehensive Property Data — Experience superior coverage and quality
  • Innovative Search Interfaces — Utilize advanced tools for efficient data retrieval
  • Flexible Plans — Adapt to your unique needs with custom options
  • Service Excellence — Depend on our proven reliability and expert support
 Our services are essential for professionals who require secure, fast, and convenient access to real estate records and documents, such as deeds, mortgages, liens, or various public documents, including judgments, affidavits, certificates, and other Document Types. Consistent online access can significantly reduce your research time and operational costs.

Explore our search options and products and find the perfect solution to accelerate your success.

Search Options

  • Search Property Records by Address, Owner Name, APN, and Range.
  • Search Real Assets by Name and Mailing Address.
  • Search Public Documents by Keywords, Document Types, and Recording Years.
  • Generate Homeowner Leads by filtering property records with over 160 Custom Criteria.