Property Mega Report Info

Mega Report provides the most comprehensive look at the subject property along with associated links to document copies. This innovative model combines various public records from County Recorders and Assessors, Homeowners Association Data, Listing Data, Market Trends, and certain proprietary sources.

The logic behind the Mega Report: unlike any other in our portfolio, this report contains practically everything on file for a subject property. We could have referred to it as an "all-in-one report" because it is indicative of a comprehensive version of the property report. There are several other elements exclusive to the Mega Report listed below. Users can have instant access to broad property information organized in a single all-inclusive report.

Types of Properties covered: residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, land, and all other types of Real Estate Properties.

Contents of Mega Report: this report includes all of the data from our Title History, Voluntary Liens, and Legal & Vesting reports, along with most of the content of the Detailed Report, as well as Involuntary Liens on the current owner of the subject property. In addition, this report includes the following sections exclusive to the Mega Report:

  •  Property Characteristics / Listing Information: this report contains two sections with Property Characteristics. The Public Records section originates from County Assessors' information, similar to a Detailed Report. The Listing Information originates from the data provided by the listing agent. If the property was never listed for sale, no information might be available
  •  Active Foreclosure Status: provides foreclosure-related information if the property is in a foreclosure state
  •  Homeowners Association Information (HOA): provides the association name(s), the mailing address, and, if available, an email or a phone number for the property management company
  •  Listing History: provides the original listing information, price changes, and status changes. If the property was never listed for sale, no information might be available
  •  Nearby Listings: provides information on properties listed for sale in close proximity to the subject property
  •  Market Trends: represents the subject property's Zip Code for the last 6-month and 30-day trends in sales, listings, and prices

To recap, along with exclusive elements, the Mega Report includes information on a property's current owner, vesting status, legal description, parcel and improvements' characteristics, past owners, transaction and mortgage history, liens and judgments on the current owner, real-time property tax data, estimated property value range, and real estate comps.

Data Availability: Mega Report is a vast multi-sectional record encompassing the data found in the Detailed Report, Title History Report, Voluntary and Involuntary Liens Reports, and Legal & Vesting Report. This report is available in all areas where a Detailed Report is offered. Yet, since this report incorporates numerous types of data, certain elements such as historical records, liens, or Document Images may not be present in regions where such elements are not currently covered. You should check the State/County Coverage to ensure that what you are looking for is offered in your desired area.

All Document Images accessible from the abovementioned reports (Detailed, Title History, Voluntary and Involuntary Liens, and Legal & Vesting) will also be available for purchase from the Mega Report. They may include the following document types: the last ownership transfer document (deed) and last finance document, historical sales and title transfers, mortgages, refinances, assignments, releases, pre-foreclosure and foreclosure notices, liens and judgments, and other recorded documents.

This report is included in all of our Subscription Plans and is offered either on its own or as a supplemental purchase from already obtained property reports. Please review the sample of a Mega Report to determine what type of data you can generally expect to receive.

  Property reports do not represent the condition of the title and may not include all recorded information. Property records are in the public domain -- government establishments, such as the county recorder, and the local tax assessor's office, are tasked with maintaining them. Not all data may be available in all Counties or on every real property.