About Us

HomeInfoMax has been a leading provider of property records and various documents across the United States since 2002, predating social media platforms like Facebook and X (Twitter). As an independent and unaffiliated entity, we always prioritize our clients' privacy and confidentiality. Our commitment to trustworthiness is evident in our long-standing reputation, making it easy for you to have confidence and give us a try!

Our Story

When a founder and visionary, who happened to be a financial adviser, got together with a cybernetics whiz consultant to launch this business venture, the instant online delivery of property data was in its infancy. Even though most real estate information is public, it was in the greedy hands of title conglomerates. Previously, such services catered to financial institutions – entrepreneurs and everyday folks had to visit their local county recorder or tax assessor’s office, spend hours, pay excessive fees, and with any luck, find what they were looking for. HomeInfoMax created a paradigm shift by making it possible to instantaneously and reliably gain secure access to millions of varied recorded documents and real estate records throughout the United States.

We aim to meet the needs of all visitors inquiring about property or ownership research, including real estate and non-real estate copies of recorded documents. Talking from experience, we find that law firms and paralegals, attorneys, insurance agencies, mortgage companies, appraisers and adjusters, real estate brokers and realtors, landlords and investors, accountants, estate planners, alarm companies, builders and contractors, engineers and architects, bail bond agents, investigators, curious relatives and neighbors, and most financial establishments find our products and services extremely useful and convenient. In addition, several state and federal government agencies continually rely on us for property research requirements.

By delivering unique property-level insights, we are energizing the real estate economy. We combine flexible search applications and address standardization logic to locate property records, property owners, and recorded documents, such as copies of Deeds, Mortgages, Liens, etc. When it comes to credence, efficiency, reliability, and anonymity of real estate research, think of us as your credible Swiss Banker.

We work hard and smart, and just like you, we never stop doing our best.

How We Do It

Transparency is good for business; our goal is to be as transparent and straightforward as possible. You will likely find answers to your questions on our pages. Of course, you can always contact us should you require additional clarification or assistance. We read and respond to all emails with lightning speed.

Your Information

All personal data and transactions are transmitted via secure encryption. We do not store credit card numbers on our end and do not share or sell users' information.

Absolute Anonymity

Searches are anonymous and confidential – certain records are kept for administrative purposes only. No one is notified or alerted of your online activities.

Provided Data

The database includes residential, commercial, industrial, land, and virtually all other real estate types. There is no difference in the pricing of residential vs. non-residential property records.

Search Options

You can search via a street address, a currently recorded owner name (individual or business), or an Assessor's Parcel Number (APN). All reports are generated instantaneously – no waiting! You can also run an asset search statewide with a current owner name and even nationwide with either an owner name or a mailing address. You are never charged for unavailable or inaccessible records. We cover over 98.8% of the U.S. real estate-owned population.

Plans & Payments

The cost of reports/documents depends on your selected plan. We offer several options, including a free trial, and we believe you will find the one most suitable to your personal or business needs. The easiest way to review and compare is by visiting our Plan Selection page. Secure enrollment takes a few minutes, and you can use services immediately.

HomeInfoMax accepts all major credit cards and debit cards. If you encounter errors while we attempt to process your payment, please re-check your entered information and try again.

Only your bank or credit card issuer can confirm the specific reason for the decline. A few of the most common ones:

  • Incorrect credit card number or expiration date
  • Nonmatching billing address
  • Insufficient funds
  • Some banks may reject charges based on location; online international payments should be enabled
  • Some banks will reject online charges based on their own fraud rules

We do not accept payments made by phone.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. As a pure e-commerce company, we rely on email communications. A real person reviews every correspondence and answers in person – with us, you will never receive an automated response. Please use our Contact page for informational, sales, or service-related inquiries. You will be surprised at how swift and proficient we are.

Browser Requirements

We utilize leading-edge Internet technologies, so we recommend using the most recent versions of mainstream browsers. Certain functionalities may vary in individual browsers and settings, but "cookies" and JavaScript must be enabled regardless of the browser.

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