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Comprehensive Property Data: current ownership, property characteristics, tax and assessment, last title transfer, last and prior sale, and mortgage records. More Info

Property Legal Description and Vesting: non-recordable standardized legal description, title vesting names, vesting description, tax, and assessment data. More Info

Property Title History: ownership transfers (chain of title), sales records, mortgages, loans, and refinances data. More Info

Voluntary (consensual) Lien Data: Title History Report content, plus various assignments, releases, and foreclosure information. More Info

Involuntary Lien and Recorded Documents: mechanic's liens, HOA liens, tax liens, State/City/County liens, judgments, divorce, bankruptcy, affidavits, substitutions, notices, rescissions, etc. More Info

All-inclusive Property Data: includes Title History, Voluntary Liens, Legal & Vesting, Involuntary Liens on the current owner, most of the Detailed Report content, plus several exclusive data elements. More Info

Property Permit Records: history of building permits (e.g. remodeling, new construction, roofing, solar) issued on the subject property from local municipalities. More Info

Automated Valuation Reports (AVM): current market value, property details, last and prior sale data, and comparable sales records. More Info

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Search Nationwide Real Estate Assets

Asset Finder

Search nationwide with a current owner's name or a mailing address. Uncover hidden real estate assets and verify the property ownership of individuals and businesses. More Info

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Document Finder

Search statewide or countywide for various recorded document images with your entered keywords or particular document types. Review and download complete document copies. More Info

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Combine multiple search criteria and filter property records by land use, property type, and numerous other custom factors. Download highly targeted property owners' leads. More Info

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Homeowners Lists

Generate free lists of property owners. Search within a specified range of house numbers and get owners' names, property addresses, and assessors' parcel numbers (APN). More Info


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