Homeowners List Info

Find current property owners, confirm property addresses, and check formatted Assessors' Parcel Numbers for free!

Use a street address range in a given City, County, or ZIP Code and generate property lists with multiple returns. As long as at least 2 properties are found (these can be residential, commercial, land, or other types of real estate intermixed on the same list), there will be no charges for that list of properties.

There is no limit on the number of homeowners lists; you can generate as many lists as you wish. Each list can contain from 2 to as many as 25 matches.

How it works: there are several ways to generate free lists – the preferred and recommended method is via the RANGE option. You can search and obtain unlimited lists using our unique Homeowners Lists generating system. Each generated list is presented as a Property Owners List. As an added convenience, you can instantly obtain a relevant property report on any addresses or property owner names from that list by paying a corresponding fee. You can search anywhere, as long as we have that area covered under our COVERAGE.

There are no hidden fees or back-end charges… you can use this program as much as you like and in as many creative ways as you can imagine…

Homeowners Lists

Even though this method does not generate qualified or customized homeowners returns – you cannot custom-fit your input by specifying "residential", "commercial", "industrial", square footage, sales dates, or other parameters – all multiple returns are free.

If your needs are unique, or you are interested in professional targeted marketing with customized search variables, we offer 2 other optimal choices. Our exclusive Property Research & Lead Generation program is available to all subscribers. 

Homeowners Lists are ideal for unlimited research on current property owners, verification of property addresses, and validation of parcel numbers.