Property Title History Records Info

Title History Report, also referred to as Property Ownership History Report, consists of compiled segments of public real estate records providing information on the subject of ownership transfers, sales, and mortgages recorded on a property. Ordinarily, it is comprised of the property data acquired from County Recorders and Tax Assessor's Offices, and mostly contains property history records that are not typically available in our conventional Detailed Property Reports.

The logic behind the Title History Report: to provide instant online access to the history of ownership records, title transfers, and recorded sales transactions. This product is included in all of our Subscription Plans, and is offered either on its own or as a supplemental purchase from already obtained property reports.

Types of Properties covered: residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, land, and all other available types of Real Estate Properties.

Contents of Title History Report: various historical records including Title (Ownership) Transfers, Sales, Mortgages and Refinances. In theory, ownership records on a real property could be traced back to 99 years, however due to local recordkeeping practices, electronic delivery methods, and other archaic factors, the Property Title History Report often goes back to no farther than the year 1985. Unlike conventional property records that are not intended as chronicles of documentation in time, considerable number of Title History Reports may only contain the last 3 to 5 of the most recently recorded transactions, and some may contain even fewer records or have a shorter span.

If a property has a Title History Report, that data will also be included in and be a part of a Voluntary Liens Report. We do not advocate obtaining a Title History Report, if you decided to obtain or already have obtained a Voluntary Liens Report on a subject property.

Provided Property History Data: most transaction records contain Ownership Transfer or property Sale Information, Recording Document Number and Type, Title Company, Grantor and Grantee, Mortgage Recording Date and Document Number, Lender Name, Loan Amount, Mortgage Term and other transaction characteristics.

The following types of Document Images can be available for purchase from Title History Reports: sale deeds, title transfer deeds, original mortgages, and refinancing documents.

To compare Title History and Voluntary Liens Reports please study the chart below. To review report samples click on the report name in the table.

Current Ownership Yes Yes
Summary of Records No Yes
Sales Records Yes Yes
Title Transfers Yes Yes
Finance / Mortgage Records Yes Yes
Assignments No Yes
Releases No Yes
Modifications No Yes
Foreclosure Records No Yes
County Recording Range No Yes

 Property reports do not represent the condition of the title and may not include all recorded information. Not all data may be available in all Counties or on every real property.