Involuntary Liens & Docs Info

Involuntary Liens & Docs Report is a specialized source of multilayered flexible research. It is a part of personal liens in conjunction with Voluntary Liens. Because it is not a formal report, to understand its utility is to think of it as a specialized search engine (e. g. Google, Bing) where the entered freeform data is the definitive and eventual factor. In essence, this report is a modern substitution for the outmoded version of the Involuntary Liens abstract-based report.

Involuntary Lien consists of liens placed on property to which the current or previous property owner typically did not consent to agree or as a result of an unwilling act by the property owner. Due to some detrimental action or inaction by the property owner, a third-party places or files a lien on the property to secure money owed to the third party by the property owner. The filing requirements and statutes of limitations for most liens vary according to the law of each State. Title Search is the universal method of examining official County records to determine whether an owner's rights in real property are in good standing.

This enterprising property data search method instantly looks for any word, phrase, name, or item in any recorded document nationwide. By researching billions of public record documents, you can now access virtually all recorded documents primarily relating to the variety of Involuntary Liens. Sometimes, you will find copies of certain documents that may not be retrievable via traditional means. Due to their dual nature, certain foreclosure records are included on both Involuntary and Voluntary Liens reports.

For a more precise outcome, especially with common property owner names, we suggest using the middle name or other unique identifiers for individuals in addition to the first and last names. For business-owned real estate, try entering the complete official business name. The output generates a broad match to document links by matching the entered name and a brief citation of the contents for precise orientation. The report allows the purchase of related Document Images for instant download.

The logic behind the Involuntary Liens & Docs Report: distinctly unique; this report is based on the aptitude of a search engine within the national repository of billions of recorded documents. It can provide instant online access to the history of lien transactions as filed documents, such as State and Federal tax liens, personal judgments, foreclosures, divorce, child support liens, and real property ownership records in the United States.

Find liens placed on a property by an outside authority against the owner’s will.

Types of Properties: residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, land, and all other types of Real Estate Properties.

This search method is designed to find documents where the provided name is mentioned – it is optimized for the following document types:

  • – Personal Liens, such as State and Federal tax liens (including IRS liens), personal judgments, divorce, child support, bankruptcy
  • – Property Liens, such as Mechanic's or Construction liens, HOA (Homeowners Association) liens, City and County liens, foreclosures
  • – Lien releases
  • – Several other types of recorded documents, such as Affidavits of Death, Substitutions, Notices, Rescissions, Amendments

Contents of Involuntary Liens & Docs Report: corresponding document links with a brief citation of the contents. The concise citation within the report is intended for quick descriptive referencing, along with the opportunity to purchase related Document Images for instant retrieval and download. Please review the sample of an Involuntary Liens & Docs Report to determine what type of data you may generally expect to receive. The actual copy of the accompanying document will contain the highlighted names or words. Still, because this report query is based on a keyword search method, it is vital to understand that certain documents’ composition could differ from what you expected. It may even be an unrelated document in the same county containing the same keywords.

All related types of Document Images, except deeds and mortgages (since these are considered Voluntary Liens), may be available from Involuntary Liens & Docs Reports.

Data Availability: Involuntary Liens & Docs Report can consist of multi-page records encompassing the links to copies of documents commonly related to various liens. Each generated page/list may contain up to 50 records and is considered a separate report. This report is available in all areas where Document Images are offered and can be purchased only as a supplemental record. Yet, since this report searches for matching copies of documents, Document Images may not be present where no such coverage currently exists. You should check the State/County COVERAGE to ensure that what you are looking for is offered in your desired area.

This report is included in our Subscription Plans and is offered only as a supplemental purchase from already obtained property reports.

 Property reports do not represent the condition of the title and may not include all recorded information. Property records are in the public domain - government establishments, such as the county recorder and the local tax assessor's office, are tasked with maintaining them. Not all data may be available in all Counties or on every real property.