Recorded Property Document Copies

Recorded Property Document Copies

These samples of Document Images represent some of the different recorded documents available for immediate retrieval from the various property reports. All document samples on this page are actual non-abstract copies of recorded documents obtained from different States and Counties where such records are offered. For illustration purposes, certain sensitive data has been redacted, but the actual document copies contain all pages with the entire and unabridged information.

The most common types of recorded documents offered online can generally be categorized as Deeds, Mortgages, Foreclosure Notices, Affidavits, Property Liens (Mechanic's Liens, Homeowners Association Liens, Tax Liens (Federal Tax Liens, including IRS Liens, and local City and/or County Tax Liens), and Judgment Liens, filed against property or person who owns a real estate property. 

As with all other records we offer, copies of deeds and other documents are delivered instantaneously -- no waiting!

For a variety of deed types and their corresponding samples, please refer to a Property Deed Copies page.

 Additional details about recorded document copies, types of property deeds, and their definitions can be found on Property Deeds & Recorded Documents information page.

 How to obtain a copy of a recorded document: Copies of recorded documents (Document Images) cannot be searched by a document/instrument number – they must be requested from the specific links within your obtained reports, when present. First, you must obtain a Detailed, Title History, Legal & Vesting, Voluntary Liens, or Involuntary Liens report on your subject property, and then select a document copy you wish to obtain. In most cases, special links labeled "Purchase Document #" will appear in your reports when Document Images are offered in that County and are available for particular recordings.

 Please review our posted reports' Samples to see what copies of recorded documents you can expect to obtain from different report types.