Real Estate Assets Search Info

 Real Estate Assets Search Info

Search NATIONWIDE or STATEWIDE for all types of real property owners - uncover hidden real estate assets, verify the ownership, and authenticate the Title on individuals and businesses! This is an extremely effective search tool, so when implemented mindfully, it will find practically any real estate property owner in the entire country.

You must have Real Estate Asset Finder if you are:

  •   Attempting to collect on a judgment and must find out where and what real estate a person or a company owns.
  •   Going through a divorce and must find any real estate that your spouse may have purchased covertly.
  •   Trying to find any real estate owned by a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Trust Fund.
  •   Searching for the current owner of real property anywhere in the country.
Real Estate Assets Search

Is there a difference between a real estate asset finder, asset search, asset check, asset investigation, asset trace, and asset discovery? No – they are the same.

Who can run a real estate asset search? Anyone can. Our clients are lawyers, estate planners, paralegals, brokers, individuals, investigators, businesses, governmental agencies, law enforcement, private detectives, and many others.

What are the common uses for an asset search? Judgement collections, divorces, probates, court cases, judgement recoveries, estates, liability cases, and multiple other utilities.

Asset Finder generator is a unique method designed to search and locate Real Estate Assets and all other real property records throughout the state or the entire country. Asset searches are possible with a current Owner's Name or with a Mailing Address. The mailing address can be the physical location address or the Mailing Post Office Box (POB). This search entails all types of real estate properties, such as residential, commercial, agricultural, land, etc. The reports include both the owner-occupied and non-owner-occupied properties.

How it works: The process is secure, and the results are instantaneous – for researching with the owner's name, the user-friendly interface allows you to specify the individual's last name, or the combination of the last and first name (or initials) or follow the same steps for a business name. For researching with a mailing address, you must provide the mailing street address, or enter the P.O. Box in lieu of the physical mailing address.

This report, in addition to the current Owner Name, will contain the property address (when exists) along with the formatted APN (Assessor’s Parcel/Identification Number). Regardless of the method, this research will generate a maximum of 1,000 records (Statewide is limited to 100) based on your selected criteria and/or entered values. For your convenience, a link to a Detailed Property Report is available for a supplemental purchase from every record.

By referencing the Nationwide and Statewide Searches with Countywide, Citywide, or narrowing down to a ZIP Code, you can locate virtually any property owner, anywhere in the country. You can find copies of deeds, mortgages, and other real estate documents and confirm the ownership. Most hidden real assets can now be uncovered in complete anonymity within seconds.

Start by generating as many as 1,000 records! Research as many records as you like by purchasing most supplemental reports!

How to get it: The Nationwide and Statewide Asset Finder is available to all our subscribers. You must enroll in one of our Subscription Plans to gain instant and secure access to the databases.

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