Detailed Property Profile Info

Detailed Property Profile Info

Detailed Property Report is a complete and conventional Real Property Profile. This Property Profile contains comprehensive information extracted from Public Real Estate Records. It is comprised of the prevalent property data acquired from County Records and Tax Assessor's Offices, and is distinctly more inclusive than the Basic Property Report.

The logic behind the Detailed Property Report: to provide instant online access to the most complete Real Property Information in the United States. This is our most universal subject Property Profile.

Types of Properties: residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, land, and all other available types of Real Estate Properties.

Contents of Detailed Property Report: Property Ownership, Property Location with a short Legal Description, Property Characteristics, Site Information, Last Owner Transfer, Last and Prior Market Sales, original Mortgage Records, Property Tax and Assessment and Neighborhood Area information.

Property Data:Property Ownership Information section is sufficient to obtain the current Property Owner's name (individual or business) and the property owner's mailing address. It will also indicate if the property is Owner Occupied, or not. Location provides the physical property address with a short legal description. Property Characteristics include year build, living area, construction information, improvements and various other essential property details. Site information provides the land use, lot and site descriptions and zoning. Last Owner Transfer provides data related exclusively to the last ownership transaction. Last and Prior Market Sales information contains the sale and recording dates, as well as sale prices and seller names. It also contains all retrieved original Mortgage Information with amounts, document numbers, filing dates and most types of Deeds. Tax and Assessment include assessed values on the property and tax information.

The following types of Document Images can be available for purchase from Detailed Property Reports: last ownership transfer document (the Deed), last and prior sale deeds, and mortgage documents.

To compare Basic and Detailed property reports please study the chart below. To review report samples click on the report name in the table.

Ownership Information Yes Yes
Location Information Limited Yes
Property Details Limited Yes
Site Information Limited Yes
Last Owner Transfer Yes Yes
Last Market Sale Limited Yes
Tax & Assessment No Yes
Prior Market Sale No Yes
Mortgage Information No Yes
Area Information No Yes

 Property reports do not represent the condition of the title and may not include all recorded information. Not all data may be available in all Counties or on every real property.