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November 21, 2019
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These testimonials reflect only some of the comments we have received since July 2003, when we began to keep track of users' feedback. We showcase only the original selected quotes, arranged in a reverse chronological order. If you would like to convey your own experience, please feel free to send us your feedback from our Contact Us page. We realize not all comments are always upbeat, so if you want to criticize, go ahead and say it – that's alright by us too. When you share your constructive ideas, it helps us to improve our services and products. Thanking you in advance for kind words and superb reviews.

January 2015
Thank you for your quick response and advice on how to find the info I needed I will recommend HomeInfoMax to anyone looking for information you provide. It is nice to have a company help you and provide the services they advertise so many times when using the internet people get "taken" Once again Thank You
M. L.
Livermore, CA

October 2014
Thanks for the great service and a great resource.
W. B.
Blue Island, IL

September 2013
I really like this website. It helps me in my work immensely. thank you for putting it up here for all to use.
B. C.
Midwest City, OK

May 2013
Thank you for providing this service. It was very helpful, and the time that I used the service worked out perfectly for me. Thanks again!
S. A.
Freehold, NY

May 2012
Great service, I am very impressed with your company. It is a shame that in this world that many consumers not only fear being ripped off but expect to be ripped off when using many unknown ecommerce sites. I must say that when I found myself in the apparent loop, I was convinced I had stepped into a trap. Thank You for great service.
M. T.
Moore, OK

May 2011
thank you for your thorough and very timely response. I will recommend you to any who need this kind of service. thanks again.
M. W.
Seattle, WA

January 2011
I wish to thank you for the valuable services that you provide through, and to thank you for its ease of use. It will be a pleasure to recommend this website to my colleagues.
M. F.
San Francisco, CA

June 2010
Thank you for the previuos support the other day when I first subscribed, It is the first time customer Support exceeded what I have ever experianced.
M. R.
Oak Park, IL

January 2010
I just found this site for the first time today and wanted to commend you for providing such an excellent service. This was more of a help to me than you can imagine. Easily the best money I\'ve spent this month. Thanks for all that you do.
M. L.
San Diego, CA

October 2009
Thank you for help and what amazing customer service. The site has been great help. Thank you again. Take care.
R. T.
Anaheim, CA

September 2009
...I have only been using your service for a couple weeks and I have been extremely pleased with the results.
V. K.
Horsham, PA

July 2009
I really liked your service, it helped my husband and I find our house! thanks I will tell friends about homeinfomax.
L. H.
Huntington Woods, MI

July 2008
Over the years, I have dealt with a number of county and state governments in several jurisdictions, as well as online research companies, for the purpose of obtaining public land records. Dealing with bureaucratic organizations is not only time-consuming; it can be costly as well. As for online information providers, I have had a disappointing experience with nearly every one I have tried, since the information purchased is merely a repeat of information I had already obtained from a free public records source. Worse still, it was nearly always outdated.
The single exception is! With your company, I actually found value in the reports I ordered, with real information that is up-to-date and concise. I was able to uncover an asset previously hidden by a debtor, with a simple click of the mouse! The most unbelievable aspect of your company (particularly in the current trend of email-only customer service) is the fact that a live person actually answers your phone and offers additional assistance when needed! This is service above and beyond what I would have expected, and I want to congratulate you on your splendid site and tremendous quality!
I will certainly recommend HomeInfoMax to anyone needing this type of resource! Thank you so much, and warmest regards to you.
K. M.
Kirkland, WA

April 2008
...I did find what I was looking for. Your company was rated as a high trusted "good" company. I believe this statement to be true. Again, Thank you.
J. P.
Wetumpka, AL

February 2008
Thank you very much. I have to say, this has probably been the best customer service I've ever received!
E. C.
Nashville, TN

December 2007
I appreciate it. This document will save me about 8 hours. You are the bomb.
D. F.
Clifton Park, NY

November 2007
Thanks very much for your understanding and explanation of the tax map situation here in Suffolk County, NY ... I enjoy the convenience of your service and am impressed with your thorough approach to my situation.
F. K.
Blue Point, NY
Assessors Parcel Maps (Tax Maps) are now available!

June 2007
I am always very happy with your service and I found the new feature of report history storage a great feature!! Thanks again.
M. S.
Yorktown Heights, NY

May 2007
Thank you and will visit often... and will spread the word to our brokers too of your service. It sure beats going down to the county to get the docs you need when you can get them right here.
S. P.
Newport Beach, CA

April 2007
Thank You HomeInfoMax...I really love the way you treat your customers. I am please with the speediness of your response and your attentiveness. Thank you again for all you kind word, encouragement and the best!
K. P.
Smyrna, GA

March 2007
... It is very rare these days that a company would do what you have done. For what its worth I will definitely use your service in the future and highly recommend it to people needing that type of information.
R. C.
Brodhead, WI

September 2006
I thank you so very much and will use your company again in the future, you are an honorable business and on the internet it is a pleasure to find such great customer service.
C. D.
Fort Myers, FL

July 2006
Thank you for the great service that you have provided for me. I have found everything that was needed to find the property of our choice and the tools needed to research it, with your web site. I am glad to know that if and when I need to purchase more property, you will be there.
S. I.
Ponchatoula, LA

January 2006
Wow. I have to say that your response was quick, positive and professional. Should I decide to return to real estate investing in the future, I will return to HomeInfoMax. Thank You.
M. V.
Half Moon Bay, CA

September 2005
Thanks very much; your customer support has always been excellent and it's sincerely appreciated.
K. T.
San Mateo, CA

June 2005
Thank you so much for this service. So many internet services are tricky, misleading and manipulative. Yours was pretty straightforward. I realized that to get what I wanted I would need to upgrade, and it wasn't terribly expensive. It saved me a trip to downtown with parking, long lines, and generally unhelpful city employees. Thank you for designing a site for all usage levels, and easy enough for a novice to access.
M. D.
Canton, MI

May 2005
Thank you -- I am so glad to see there are still some business's out there that are really concerned about customer service.
J. N.
Turtlepoint, PA

March 2005
I'm very disappointed in your site for the reason that I cannot search an entire state. Is that possible at all. I did not understand it would be such a limited search engine.
J. B.
Mukilteo, WA
Statewide property search by owner name is now available!

March 2005
Thank you for your help, though it is not what I was looking for it still is good information to have. I went to the town today and obtained the deed for the property, I was hoping not to have to go to the town hall of records but it seemed the best way to get the info on the deed. Thanks again for your service.
S. H.
Brewster, NY
Real Estate deeds and documents are now available!

February 2005
... We are involved in Real Estate investing for many years now. HomeInfoMax with your very good support is great. We are promoting HomeInfoMax services to our friends and associates with pleasure. ...
R. C.
Parsippany, NJ

November 2004
... In my personal opinion, customer service is more important than the product itself. I could have gotten a great product but if the customer service was terrible I would not likely buy another product from that company. Fortunately, in this situation I was able to get a great product and great service and I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for having such high ethics for the customers that you serve. ...
L. F.
Kapolei, HI

November 2004
I am a mortgage broker ... I have never had such a response from a company such as yours. It was personal. ... You actually read my email. So I say to you -- thank you. I appreciate it. You should be commended. I felt you should know. ...
B. D.
Imperial, MO

May 2004
I was shocked to speak to a real person. (you are real are you?) I was VERY impressed with the level of customer service. Thank you for your help in getting me up and running.
M. B.
Wheat Ridge, CO

November 2003
Your support is awesome! So very fast with answers and on a weekend too! I am heartily impressed with your levels of customer service.
K. J.
Perris, CA

October 2003
... It's hard to find a creditable company out there anymore. I look forward to seeing your co. grow and add new counties ...
S. W.
Everett, WA
Property records are now available for over 3000 Counties in 50 States!

July 2003
... As a sales person, I value customer service greatly, and yours is duly noted. I have found you service useful, and will use it again.
C. T.
Lakewood, CA

July 2003
... I would like to thank you for your amazing response from your website. I have been screwing around with the scams on the Internet for three days to no avail. However, your information does give me a start on what I want to know ...
P. S.
Rosanky, TX

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