Property Records Radius Search Info

 Property Records Radius Search Info

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Real estate brokers are familiar with "Real Estate Farming," also known as "Neighborhood Farming." It is a prospecting tool for cultivating and identifying new leads for generating new business.

The Radius Search method is similar to Farming, and additionally, it is utilized for identifying properties and property owners in stipulated proximity from the target property within your specified radius. Unlike the peculiarities of traditional Farming designed for real estate marketing, an all-inclusive Radius Search is also intended to ease the task of locating and contacting the owners of neighboring properties. Radius Search locates all nearby properties, regardless if properties are for sale or not.

This up-to-the-minute system is ideal for locating area-defined property records, including owner names within your specified and targeted radius.

How it works: Regardless of real estate skills, it is flexible enough to be used by anybody. The process is intuitive and straightforward - the user-friendly interface allows you to input the target properly and optionally specified entries to optimize the return.

The Required Values are:

  •  Radius from 528 feet (0.1 miles) to 9.9 miles
  •  Geographic Criterion of Same City, ZIP Code, Census Track, or Subdivision
  •  Living Area Variance in percentages – can be unspecified
  •  Last Sale Date going back in months – can be unspecified

The Optional Values are:

  •  Number of Bedrooms
  •  Number of Bathrooms
  •  Lot Size in square feet
  •  Land Use 'Same as Subject' or 'No Preference'
  •  Pool
Property Records Radius Search

The maximum Number of Results can also be defined from 9 possible tiers ranging from 25 to 1,000. The Required Values may be combined with the Optional Values to achieve the optimized return. The system will ask to modify the input and refine the criterion if over 1,000 matches are found.

The Radius Search application works with all available search methods: Street Address, Owner Name, or APN – it is available in all areas where property records are offered.

How to get it: The Radius Search interface is available to all subscribers. You must enroll in one of our PLANS to get instant access to the databases.

Sending mandatory or voluntary messages to your neighbors, notifying about special neighboring events, or complying with local building codes or court orders has never been easier or more convenient with our Radius Search generator…