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February 21, 2018
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Calumet County, Wisconsin

Calumet County property records provided by HomeInfoMax:
Property Reports – ownership information, property details, tax records, legal descriptions
Title History – ownership title history, deeds and mortgage records
Voluntary Liens – titles, deeds, mortgages, releases, assignments, foreclosure records
Involuntary Liens – mechanic's liens, HOA, IRS tax liens, State tax liens, judgements, other liens
Property Valuations – residential property automated valuation reports (AVM)
Document Images – copies of deeds, titles, liens, mortgages, and other recorded documents
Calumet County, WI Residents
206 Court St County Courthouse Chilton, WI 53014-1127
2015: 49762
2010: 48971
2000: 40631
1990: 34291
1980: 29355
County Seat:
State: Wisconsin
FIPS: 55015
Square Miles: 397
Year Organized: 1836
Statistical Records: Calumet County, Wisconsin Quick Facts
Calumet County Officials



 Alice Connors

Board Chair, 18

 Connie Daun

Clerk of Circuit Court

 Beth Hauser

County Clerk

 Nathan Haberman

District Attorney

 Tamara Alten

Register of Deeds

 Mark Ott


 Joseph Mueller

Supervisor, 10

 William Barribeau

Supervisor, 11

 Patrick Laughrin

Supervisor, 12

 Heather Gibler

Supervisor, 13

 Gary Deiter

Supervisor, 14

 Mary Schwalenberg

Supervisor, 15

 Jeffrey Yelton

Supervisor, 16

 Mike Hofberger

Supervisor, 17

 Ronald Dietrich

Supervisor, 19

 Merlin Gentz

Supervisor, 2

 James Stecker

Supervisor, 20

 Kenneth Draheim

Supervisor, 21

 Kevin Weinberger

Supervisor, 3

 Duaine Stillman

Supervisor, 4

 Matthew Budde

Supervisor, 5

 Dave La Shay

Supervisor, 6

 Peter Stier

Supervisor, 7

 Robert Stanke

Supervisor, 8

 Ed Kleckner

Supervisor, 9

 Michael Schlaak

Calumet County, Wisconsin Real Estate Records
Calumet County, Wisconsin Property Legal Descriptions
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Calumet County, Wisconsin Property Liens, Mortgage Data
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Calumet County, Wisconsin Deeds, Titles, Document Copies
Calumet County, Wisconsin Residential Property Valuation – Public Information & Property Records – Calumet County
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