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February 24, 2018
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Eau Claire County, Wisconsin

Eau Claire County property records provided by HomeInfoMax:
Property Reports – ownership information, property details, tax records, legal descriptions
Title History – ownership title history, deeds and mortgage records
Voluntary Liens – titles, deeds, mortgages, releases, assignments, foreclosure records
Involuntary Liens – mechanic's liens, HOA, IRS tax liens, State tax liens, judgements, other liens
Eau Claire County, WI Residents
721 Oxford Avenue Eau Claire, WI 54703
2015: 102105
2010: 98736
2000: 93142
1990: 85183
1980: 78413
County Seat:
State: Wisconsin
FIPS: 55035
Square Miles: 645
Year Organized: 1856
Statistical Records: Eau Claire County, Wisconsin Quick Facts
Eau Claire County Officials



 Gregg Moore

Board Chair, 17

 susan Schaffer

Clerk of Circuit Court

 Janet Loomis

County Clerk

 Gary King

District Attorney

 Kathryn Christenson

Register of Deeds

 Ron Cramer


 Gary Gibson

Supervisor, 1

 Mike Conlin

Supervisor, 10

 Ray Henning

Supervisor, 11

 Colleen Bates

Supervisor, 12

 Kathleen Clark

Supervisor, 13

 Judy Gatlin

Supervisor, 14

 Nick Smiar

Supervisor, 15

 David Mortimer

Supervisor, 16

 James Dunning

Supervisor, 18

 Gerald Wilkie

Supervisor, 19

 Sandra McKinney

Supervisor, 2

 Bruce Willett

Supervisor, 20

 Mark Beckfield

Supervisor, 21

 Susan Miller

Supervisor, 22

 Robin Leary

Supervisor, 23

 Heather DeLuka

Supervisor, 24

 Mark Olson

Supervisor, 25

 Tami Schraufnagel

Supervisor, 26

 Brandon Buchanan

Supervisor, 27

 Kim Cronik

Supervisor, 28

 Patrick LaVelle

Supervisor, 29

 Douglas Kranig

Supervisor, 3

 Stella Pagonis

Supervisor, 4

 Carl Anton

Supervisor, 5

 Katy Forsythe

Supervisor, 6

 Steve Chilson

Supervisor, 7

 Kevin Stelljes

Supervisor, 8

 Gordon Steinhauer

Supervisor, 9

 Glenda Lyons

Eau Claire County, Wisconsin Real Estate Records
Eau Claire County, Wisconsin Property Legal Descriptions
Eau Claire County, Wisconsin Property Ownership Title History
Eau Claire County, Wisconsin Property Liens, Mortgage Data
Eau Claire County, Wisconsin Mechanic's Liens, Tax Liens – Public Information & Property Records – Eau Claire County
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