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January 21, 2018
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Barron County, Wisconsin

Barron County property records provided by HomeInfoMax:
Property Reports – ownership information, property details, tax records, legal descriptions
Title History – ownership title history, deeds and mortgage records
Voluntary Liens – titles, deeds, mortgages, releases, assignments, foreclosure records
Involuntary Liens – HOA, IRS tax liens, State tax liens, judgements, other liens
Barron County, WI Residents
330 E La Salle Ave County Courthouse Barron, WI 54812-1540
2015: 45563
2010: 45870
2000: 44963
1990: 40750
1980: 38682
County Seat:
State: Wisconsin
FIPS: 55005
Square Miles: 890
Year Organized: 1859
Statistical Records: Barron County, Wisconsin Quick Facts
Barron County Officials



 James Miller

Board Chair, 22

 Sharon Millermon

Clerk of Circuit Court

 DeeAnn Cook

County Clerk

 Angela Beranek

District Attorney

 Margo Katterhagen

Register of Deeds

 Chris Fitzgerald


 Bob Rogers

Supervisor, 1

 Gary Nelson

Supervisor, 10

 Roberta Mosentine

Supervisor, 11

 Ron Fladten

Supervisor, 12

 Steve Johnson

Supervisor, 13

 Carol Moen

Supervisor, 14

 Eric Pannier

Supervisor, 15

 Louie Okey

Supervisor, 16

 Russell Rindsig

Supervisor, 17

 Andrew Mommsen

Supervisor, 18

 Jerry McRoberts

Supervisor, 19

 Oscar Skoug

Supervisor, 2

 Marvin Thompson

Supervisor, 20

 Burnell Hanson

Supervisor, 21

 Dana Heller

Supervisor, 23

 Phil Duecker

Supervisor, 24

 Stanley Buchanan

Supervisor, 25

 Donald Horstman

Supervisor, 26

 Terry Henck

Supervisor, 27

 Charles Christensen

Supervisor, 28

 Dale Heinecke

Supervisor, 29

 Ken Jost

Supervisor, 3

 Terry Lee

Supervisor, 4

 Karolyn Bartlett

Supervisor, 5

 Craig Mohn

Supervisor, 6

 Bill Schradle

Supervisor, 7

 Gary Taxdahl

Supervisor, 8

 Jim Gores

Supervisor, 9

 Yvonne Ritchie

Barron County, Wisconsin Real Estate Records
Barron County, Wisconsin Property Legal Descriptions
Barron County, Wisconsin Property Ownership Title History
Barron County, Wisconsin Property Liens, Mortgage Data – Public Information & Property Records – Barron County
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