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July 29, 2016
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Bossier Parish, Louisiana

Bossier Parish property records provided by HomeInfoMax:
Property Reports – ownership information, property details, tax records, legal descriptions
Title History – ownership title history, deeds and mortgage records
Voluntary Liens – titles, deeds, mortgages, releases, assignments, foreclosure records
Involuntary Liens – mechanic's liens, HOA, IRS tax liens, State tax liens, judgements, other liens
Bossier Parish, LA Residents
PO BOX 70 Parish Courthouse Benton, LA. 71006-0070
Phone: (318)965-2329
2010: 116979
2000: 98310
1990: 86088
1980: 80906
County Seat: Benton
State: Louisiana
FIPS: 22015
Square Miles: 840.06
Year Organized: 1843
Statistical Records: Bossier Parish, Louisiana Quick Facts
Bossier Parish Officials



 Larry Deen

Parish Sheriff

 Bobby Edmiston

Parish Tax Assessor

 Bob Brotherton

Police Juror, District 1

 Jerome Darby

Police Juror, District 10

 William Hammack

Police Juror, District 11

 Paul Plummer

Police Juror, District 12

 Glenn Benton

Police Juror, District 2

 Wanda Bennett

Police Juror, District 3

 Sonny Cook

Police Juror, District 4

 Jack Skaggs

Police Juror, District 5

 Rickey Avery

Police Juror, District 6

 Doug Rimmer

Police Juror, District 8

 Fred Shewmake Jr.

Police Juror, District 9

 William Altimus

Police Jury Administrator

 James Cochran

Police Jury President, District 7
Bossier Parish, Louisiana Real Estate Records
Bossier Parish, Louisiana Property Legal Descriptions
Bossier Parish, Louisiana Property Ownership Title History
Bossier Parish, Louisiana Property Liens, Mortgage Data
Bossier Parish, Louisiana Mechanic's Liens, Tax Liens – Public Information & Property Records – Bossier Parish
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