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October 17, 2019
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Standard Monthly Plan
Continuous direct access: $14.49 monthly!

Very economical – low prices for all available reports, leads and services
  Unrestricted access to all our products and services
  No interruptions due to expiration date or a pre-set number of reports
  Convenient recurring credit card billing from the 1st of the following month
  No long-term commitments – just the first monthly payment
  Easily manage overhead and usage – add more funds to your deposit only as needed
  Designed for skilled users and businesses in need of frequent access on month-to-month basis

Features and pricing:
Immediate and continuous access to nationwide property records
  First time account activation fee of $24.50 plus an initial minimum deposit of $25.00 (or more) are required at the enrollment
  Basic Property Reports: $2.00 per report
  Detailed Property Reports: $3.00 per report
  Title History Reports: $7.50 per report
  Voluntary Liens Reports: $15.00 per report
  Involuntary Liens Reports: $17.00 per report (available as an additional purchase from already obtained reports)
  Legal & Vesting Reports: $15.50 per report
  VP4 Valuation Reports: $16.00 per report
  Document Images: $10.00 per document (available as an additional purchase from already obtained Basic, Detailed, Title History, Voluntary Liens and Involuntary Liens reports)
  Assessor Parcel Maps: $2.50 per map sheet
  Building Permit History Reports: $12.00 per report (available as an additional purchase from already obtained reports)
  Nationwide Search Reports: beta version - free limited-time offer
  Radius Search / Farming: $0.29 per record (each Single-Line Property Report is one obtained record)
  Research & Leads: $0.39 per record (each Single-Line Property Report is one obtained record)
  Homeowners Lists: unlimited access with free generation, including download and print features
  Report storage: free automated online storage of up to 300 generated reports and documents for the duration of the account
  All obtained reports are debited from the funds in the deposit
  Payment acceptance: major credit cards only

Universal features for all plans:
Instant research in a secure environment – property records and documents are obtained and delivered in seconds
  Residential, commercial, land and virtually all available types of Real Estate properties are included
  No difference in pricing between residential vs. commercial properties
  Property research is anonymous and strictly confidential – no third party is notified
  Search can be performed by property owner name (person or business), by property location address, or by Assessor's Parcel Number (APN)
  Advanced archiving and delivery option for all purchase receipts
  Instant Radius Search can locate all properties, or filter to find only desired properties within a neighborhood of the subject property
  Customized Property Research or generation of Marketing Leads can be performed by filtering through more than 150 property characteristics
  Available advanced search options: search by a partial owner name, search with a street address range, search by using the wild card option (asterisk*)
  Accounts are not debited (search requests are free) when no records are found (no matches) or when multiple results are generated in a form of Homeowners Lists
  Obtained records are stored online automatically for anytime access and retrieval from any location
  All property reports, leads and documents can be saved, printed or downloaded to a local computer
  Links to free customized maps are included with most reports
  Account sharing and simultaneous access to databases from multiple stations is allowed
  No mandatory minimum usage is required

All available plans and corresponding prices are included in the Comparison Table. Please thoroughly review this chart - it will help you to choose the most suitable plan for your personal or business needs. You can always go back and learn more about your selection, or you may proceed directly from this diagram by clicking on the appropriate links to the plans.
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