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November 17, 2018
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Winnebago County, Wisconsin

Winnebago County property records provided by HomeInfoMax:
Property Reports – ownership information, property details, tax records, legal descriptions
Title History – ownership title history, deeds and mortgage records
Voluntary Liens – titles, deeds, mortgages, releases, assignments, foreclosure records
Involuntary Liens – mechanic's liens, HOA, IRS tax liens, State tax liens, judgements, other liens
Property Valuations – residential property automated valuation reports (AVM)
Document Images – copies of deeds, titles, liens, mortgages, and other recorded documents
Winnebago County, WI Residents
112 Otter Avenue County Courthouse Oshkosh, WI 54901
2015: 169546
2010: 166994
2000: 156763
1990: 140320
1980: 131479
County Seat:
State: Wisconsin
FIPS: 55139
Square Miles: 579
Year Organized: 1840
Statistical Records: Winnebago County, Wisconsin Quick Facts
Winnebago County Officials



 David Albrecht

Board Chair, 11

 Melissa Pingel

Clerk of Circuit Court

 Barry Busby


 Sue Ertmer

County Clerk

 Mark Harris

County Executive

 Christian Gossett

District Attorney

 John Matz


 Justin Powell


 Vicki Schorse


 Thomas Konetzke

Supervisor, 1

 George Scherck

Supervisor, 10

 Maribeth Gabert

Supervisor, 12

 Steven Binder

Supervisor, 13

 Claud Thompson

Supervisor, 14

 Kenn Olson

Supervisor, 15

 Aaron Wojciechowski

Supervisor, 16

 Julie Gordon

Supervisor, 17

 Bill Wingren

Supervisor, 18

 Larry Lautenschlager

Supervisor, 19

 Michael Brunn

Supervisor, 2

 Michael Norton

Supervisor, 20

 Robert Warnke

Supervisor, 21

 Kenneth Robl

Supervisor, 22

 Harold Singstock

Supervisor, 23

 Michael Brooks

Supervisor, 24

 Karen Powers

Supervisor, 25

 Susan Locke

Supervisor, 26

 Guy Hegg

Supervisor, 27

 Jerold Finch

Supervisor, 28

 Rachel Youngquist

Supervisor, 29

 Christian Harpt

Supervisor, 3

 Charles Farrey

Supervisor, 30

 Joel Rasmussen

Supervisor, 31

 Robert Keller

Supervisor, 32

 Thomas Egan

Supervisor, 33

 Thomas Ellis

Supervisor, 34

 Thomas Snider

Supervisor, 35

 Lawrence Kriescher

Supervisor, 36

 Paul Eisen

Supervisor, 4

 Shiloh Ramos

Supervisor, 5

 Michael Blank

Supervisor, 6

 Bill Roh

Supervisor, 7

 Lawrence Smith

Supervisor, 8

 Alvin Long

Supervisor, 9

 Mary Krueger

Winnebago County, Wisconsin Real Estate Records
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Winnebago County, Wisconsin Residential Property Valuation – Public Information & Property Records – Winnebago County
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