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November 13, 2019
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Generate hundreds or thousands of Custom Marketing Leads every day!
No more Cold-Calling ("Do Not Call List" is a reality!), No Advertising,
No Telemarketer costs and No more buying wasted, over-used and un-targeted leads!

Custom Property Marketing Leads generator is a unique online application designed to search and locate Real Estate property records by developing and employing your own customized property search criteria. Retrieved property information can be downloaded and saved as a file, or printed in popular mailing label formats.

This system is ideal for generating your own targeted marketing leads or searching property records using custom-tailored techniques.

Using our exclusive Custom Marketing Leads system you can quickly and easily search and build mailing lists based on an entire County, or City, or ZIP Code. In addition, this powerful system allocates a variety of filters that will help to configure your list and match your specified search criteria. Proper filtering will allow you to customize returns of records on Real Estate properties in a pinpointed area and pay only for what you requested.

Want to increase your sales production by 200% or more? Select your targeted area by using ZIP Code or City/County and State and generate your mailing labels…

How it works: The process is simple – user-friendly interface allows you to specify your desired area and explore by applying multiple search factors. Property Type (Land Use criteria) contains virtually all kinds of Real Estate properties including Residential, Residential Income, Commercial, Industrial, Vacant Land, Agricultural, Public, Recreational, Transportation, Utility, and for a better focus on detail, it is subdivided into more than 160 subcategories. Sale Date, Sale Price, First Mortgage Amount, First Mortgage Type, Living Area, Lot Size, Year Built, Owner Occupied, Number of Bedrooms, Number of Bathrooms, Existence of Pool and Owner Name can be also specified. Please click on the link to review the full list of possible search criteria.  

By combining multiple search parameters with filters you can create a unique set of property characteristics and create a highly targeted marketing campaign!   

Before your purchase is finalized, you can review a total number of matching records and edit your search in as many ways and as many times as you need. Upon your approval, your order will be processed and the list with your custom leads will be displayed. Each generated lead is presented as a (see sample) Single-Line Property Report that may contain the following property details: Property Owner (this could be a person or a business), Property Address, Sale Date, Sale Price, First Mortgage Amount, Year Built, Square Footage, Lot Area, and Land Use code (specifies the type of property). Of course all your pre-selected and available search factors are incorporated into Single-Line property reports, even though only fractional information is being displayed. For all practical purposes each Single-Line property report is an abridge version of a Detailed Property Report. For your convenience, by paying a corresponding fee you can instantly obtain a Detailed Property Report, Title History Report, or a Legal & Vesting Report on any single property from that list. A free link to Street Maps and Satellite Images is also provided. In areas where it is offered, you also may purchase Voluntary Liens Reports, Document Images and Parcel Maps, as well as run Valuation Reports.

Start by generating as many as 1000 Single-Line Property Reports per obtained list! Choose all or only the ones that you wish to mail out or save; select to generate mailing labels or download and import records into your preferred software. That is all - it is as easy as that!

  Direct Printing: Direct printing option from your computer is accomplished by automatically generating the RTF () file format, associated by default with MS Word (). Your selected records are converted to mailing labels in the desired layout of Avery templates #5160, #5161 or #5162 -- we create ready-to-print labels for you, and all you have to do is to supply label forms! All property addresses, where applicable, will automatically get replaced with corresponding mailing addresses of property owners – a fantastic option for mass-mailing to non-owner occupied property landlords. Use the appropriate Avery paper for professional and official look. Refer to your printer’s manual for the proper page and margins set-up or specific preferences and start printing your mailing labels right away.
Download: File download alternative of selected property records uses convenient and widely recognized .csv () file format. You can simply save and import the downloaded records into MS Word () using its built-in Mail Merge tool and customize your mailing labels sheets. Depending on your particular printer, type and size of the paper you intend to use, you may transform the style and create a sophisticated and elegant product to match your demanding business taste. The .csv file format saved on your local computer can also be used with almost all known publishing software available on the market.
A successful financial specialist or an expert marketer can generate 5+ Qualified Appointments daily and be fully compliant under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by using our unique direct-mail marketing system...
How to get it: Custom Property Marketing Leads™ generator is available today to all our subscribers with especial discounted pricing for Standard Monthly Plan and Power User Plan account holders. You must subscribe to any of our plans before getting an instant access to this moneymaking technique.
Large or small firms, businessmen and businesswomen in a variety of financial, legal, investigative or other services or advertising related occupations such as Property/Casualty and Life Insurance Agents/Brokers, Financial Planners and Investors, Health and Disability Insurance Agents, MDRT members, General Insurance Brokers, nationwide Insurance Companies and local Insurance Agencies, and a multitude of many other professionals who need a simple, yet effective marketing tool, will find our Custom Property Marketing Leads™ generator not only convenient and easy-to-use, but also highly advantageous… we welcome you to subscribe and try it now.

Do not wait until tomorrow - start mailing and making money today!

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