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October 17, 2019
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Property Legal Description


Legal and Vesting Report is a compilation of segments of Real Estate records that provide information on the subject of Property Title Vesting, Property Legal Description, and Property Tax and Assessment data. Legal and Vesting is not a part of a conventional property profile; this property report is contents-specific and includes information not found in other property records, such as in our Basic, Detailed, Property History, and Voluntary Liens reports.

The logic behind the Legal and Vesting Report: to provide an instant online access to legal descriptions and vesting information on practically all supportable Real Estate properties in the United States; to immediately verify property ownership, identify all title holders and the manner in which a title of ownership is held, locate and identify a particular parcel, ensure the accuracy of mortgage recordings and property related taxes, and avoid potentially fraudulent Real Estate transactions. To file a non-consensual lien, such as performance of labor (a.k.a. Construction or Mechanics' Lien) against the property, one must have the Legal description of a property in order to enforce judicial claim. This product is included in all of our Subscription Plans, and is offered either on its own and can be purchased independently, or can be a supplemental purchase from already obtained property reports.

Types of Properties covered: residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, land, and all other available types of Real Estate Properties.

Contents of Legal and Vesting Report: property ownership, property location information, mailing address, summarized legal description, property vesting names and vesting description, property tax and assessment information.

Legal and Vesting Data: Specific copies of property sale and transfer documents may have expanded versions on the legal segment of this data.

Property Legal Description: A property description of a specific parcel, recognized by law and acceptable to the courts in that county and state, and which is sufficient to locate and identify the property without oral testimony, and allow an independent surveyor to locate and identify it. Property Legal Description is usually used in government surveys, metes and bounds, or recorded plats. Our Legal and Vesting Report typically contains a limited or narrative legal property description. Certain copies of Document Images (on properties that have them) frequently will include more comprehensive property Legal Description.

Vesting: Property owner names, status and manner in which a title of ownership is held with a fixed or determinable interest in a particular parcel of real property; also that portion of a title report or policy setting forth the above.

Tax and Assessment: Assessed values on the property and the current property tax information.

Please review the sample of a Legal & Vesting Report.

Please note: not all offered fields may be populated in all counties, and not all property reports contain the complete or the most recent property information. All property reports are compiled from official public sources and provided "as is" – none of this data has been verified and any possible partial or inaccurate portions of the report are not a subject for a refund.

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